General consulting services covers these core areas:



General consulting services are billed at $145/hr per consultant for items that are on a management schedule with DAO.  Managed clients receive a 31% discount off of this rate. In many cases, we use time & materials estimates to convert a job to a fixed cost project. With projects, there is an initial fee to schedule and start the work. Subsequent payments are made as project milestones are completed. The project plan may be revised at each milestone to take advantage of new information germane to completing tasks, as long as there is a time or cost savings.  In cases where a project starts to exceed time or financial constraints, the project plan can be adjusted to achieve a point of stability so that a proper study can be made of the issues before further plan revisions.  This approach allows for more efficient time management and helps to prevent dramatic cost overruns.


This is not an all inclusive list of all competencies so to discuss your needs, even if there are not mentioned above, please contact us.  We're always willing to have a conversation to help advise and focus your concerns!

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