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BigMail Appliance

(Model: BMA)


The BigMail Appliance allows organizations to "email" large documents to recipients outside an organization in a secure manner.



  • Securely transferring large documents that can not be emailed (e.g. a video file) to recipients not on the corporate network
  • Transfer mechanism uses standard HTTPS for security.
  • Eliminates the time penality of having to upload a document to Dropbox, Google drive or other 3rd party provider which is only as fast as your upstream bandwidth.  Typically, in the time it take to upload to a 3rd party, the document could have been delivered.
  • The maximum size of the documents send can be limited if needed.
  • Appliance can integrate into standard corporate LDAP directories or use local authentication.
  • Appliance is self-cleaning.  After the file retention period, data is removed.


$ 50/month

$100 setup fee




1. The host system for this VM should have enough space to handle the total corporate demand of the system.  The rentention period needs to be taken into acount when sizing the data storage for the system but it can be easily expanded if necessary.

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