Whether you have your own web site or we have developed a web site/application for you, it needs to be stored on hardware that can serve it. We have been developing and hosting web sites since our inception so we are very experienced with our hosting environment and have optimized it over a long span of time.  Our application servers are built with the following core software1 but this list is not all inclusive so if there is something you need, please contact us:




1. this is a shared platform. If you want your own server (i.e. another Linux disto or OS such as Microsoft Windows), please see the virtualization section.

2. for Java EE hosting you will need to use our virtualization solution so that your application can be deployed with the correct Java server and environment you used during development (e.g. Tomcat, Glassfish, etc).


We endeavor to keep the core software updated to within 12 months of new versions as long as client applications do not become non-functioning. We also do not perform major version upgrades to production servers until client applications have been tested on the new platform.


For web sites and applications not developed by DAO we would need to know what your dependencies are so that we can evaluate our ability to host you. For instance, Joomla is not one of the CMS systems we use but it is generally not an issue to install the version you need. We also may make recommendations to you about porting your dependencies to something else based on our experience with a different product.


The hosting fee is $20/month and includes:

Please see the contact us page to discuss your hosting needs with one of our consultants.

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