Our application development services are centered around web technologies.  We use these technologies to build web sites and other applications that historically would have been written for single platforms where the code is difficult or impossible to port or is cumbersome to maintain across multiple systems and screens.


In addtion to customer facing applications we also have extensive experience building single task, server and back office facing applications.  Such applications are the necessary glue, to in many cases, bring together the solid look, feel and flow of the customer interface.  These applications are built with a strong emphasis on standardized I/O, flexibility and extensibility.  This approach allows for significant investment protection because the code can be used longer without major rewrites.


All application development is project work.  After client requirements have been discussed a quote and project plan is presented containing all elements of the development lifecyle.  An initial deposit is required to start the work and then subsequent payments are made after scheduled milestones have been approved.  Final payment is due at the time of the last deliverable.   From that point on, any application maintenance is charged at the current consulting rate.  This does NOT include content changes for web sites that are hosted with us.


Please contact us to discuss your development needs with one of our consultants.

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