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Stealth Bridge Node

(Model: SBN)


The SBN appliance is a unique layer 2 network device (bridge) that can inspect and control data in the higher layers of the network stack.  It includes a wide array of tools to do traffic sniffing, discovery and penetration testing.  This appliance can also be used as a regular router and be installed directly on older or out of warranty hardware.  In such cases, a substantial operating cost saving is realized because the hardware has already been paid for or is significantly depreciated.



  • Network traffic inspection, discovery, monitoring and analysis
  • Penetration testing
  • Firewalling
  • Bandwidth control
  • Brouting (bridge routing)
  • Standard router
  • Resilient to network attacks.  Depending on the deployment, the appliance can be made invisible to your IP network while still being able to be used remotely.
  • Comes with many well known and powerful tools.
  • Can also perform most firewall functions.
  • Basic deployment does not require modifications to your network because the appliance is installed inline with your current devices.
  • Rules and other dynamic data can be securely distributed to other appliances on the network.


$ 50/month

$100 setup fee




1. This appliance must be installed on a dedicated host or its own hardware.

2. The actual usability of certain tools will depend host/hardware resources.

3. For maximum performance, the appliance would need to be installed directly on the hardware (i.e. not virtualized).

4. You may also need to purchase additional interfaces in order to meet routing needs.

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