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Proactive Notification Appliance

(Model: PNA)


PNA actively monitors node reachability via ICMP PING responses and service availability by completing a successful TCP connection setup (TCP ACK).  When outages are detected, notifications are sent out via email based on a defined action list.



  • Monitoring of critical corporate services such as email, database and application service ports.
  • Monitoring of network routes.
  • Providing more timely notification of outages to staff.
  • Uses standard network protocols in the same manner as user connections.
  • Uses your network routes and defined routing relationships to reduce false positives and alerts on cascading failures.
  • Client interface is web based and includes an alert window so that full the page does not need to stay open to view statuses.
  • Each node or service can have an unlimited number of notification alerts.
  • Each node or service has an independant polling time and outage check time.
  • Each alert can turned on or off.
  • Notifications can be globally enable/disabled for times when known outages are going to occur (i.e maintenance windows).
  • Notifications can be time restricted to business hours.  The alert screens are always updated and do not follow time restrictions.
  • Logins can be stand alone or use LDAP.
  • All data is stored in a SQL database which allows for very high scalability.


$ 50/month

$100 setup fee




1. If the outage prevents email from being sent, no notifications with be sent but it will still show on the alert screens.

2. The notification list is currently is only accessible via the backend so DAO must manage your notification list.

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