DAO Technologies provides your organization with technology expertise so that you can focus on your business and know that you have a partner managing and protecting your technology assets.  Every business is different so every managment service is different.  What is consistent is the experience and expertise we will provide to your organization.


Our management service does not normally require our consultants to be onsite at your location.  We design this service around a remote access and remote control paradigm so that we are as uninvasive as possible.  The table below provides a snapshot of the most common services we have provided:



Typical services


standard corporate installs

desktop image creation or cloning

virus & malware security software maintenance with webroot

hardware maintenance (uprades and break fix)


standard corporate installs

data protection (sytems imaging or cloning,  data backup, restoration, offsite replication)

malware & security software maintenance

hardware maintenance (uprades and break fix)


standard corporate configuration

device policy management (include security policies)



Printer, Scanner, Fax standard corporate configuration


We endeavor to design a service that covers your entire environment but there are cases where that may not be possible and there are some organizations that may not need or want that level of service.  To accomodate those customers, we offer most of our services individually.  The other services you see listed are our most popular and relevent offerings which generally can be combined to cover your specific needs.  We will also create and maintain a technology plan that documents your environment.  This is provided to you free of charge for as long as you are an active client.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can design a managment service that best fits your organization.

1) standard corporate configuration 2) device policy management (include security policies) 3) upgrades
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