Our Corporate Telephony Appliance is a managed device.  It can generally be installed  as VM guests (with Linux KVM or VirtualBox) or directly to hardware.  In both cases you need 64 Bit CPUs capable of hardware acceleration (on AMD, the svm flag needs to be present and on Intel the vmx flag needs to be present- you may also have to enable this feature in your BIOS).


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Corporate Telephony Appliance

(Model: CTA)


Even with all the ways we communicate today, there will never be a replacement for talking to someone.  What technological advances have done is make high quality corporate telephony solutions more available.  Asterisk is feature rich, stable VoIP product.  Although it can be deployed as a traditional PBX, our appliance is designed for people who need or want to move to a 100% VoIP system.  As such you will need an account with an ITSP that will integrate with Asterisk.  You will also need handsets or VoIP applications that support the SIP or IAX protocol.  We also use Sangoma products including FreePBX.



  • Auto-attendant functionality (i.e. provide a "big business" telephony experience).
  • Interactive menu and data capture products.
  • Voicemail services (which includes the ability to email the voice message).
  • Geographically sparse deployments for companies whose employees are not working the same location.
  • Conference bridges.
  • Feature rich product.  Comes with IVR (interactive voice response aka "auto-attendant"), voicemail, audio conferences and many other typical features found in modern phone systems.
  • Can be run or older hardware since telephony products are normally not CPU intensive by modern standards.
  • The appliance is treated like any other server and thus can be maintained using standard IT practices.
  • No special hardware is needed for the server when it is 100% VoIP.


$ 50/month (includes user adds, modifications or deletions)

$100 + $5 per user initial setup fee




1. The monthly quoted cost quoted above does NOT include a phone plan.  However, we do not do limit the appliance in anyway.  Whether it is 10 or 100 users, the monthly rate is the same.

2. 911 services may or may not be available.  They generally are but it will depend on the E911 implementation used by the ITSP.

3. Before migrating to an ITSP we must verify that your phone is portable.  If it is, it can take a couple of weeks to port the number over to the ITSP.  During that time plans must be made to insure the transfer is seemless with a minimum of downtime.

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