Internet communications has grown from the original text based email to complex social networking systems than can include audio and video. As such, the term “messaging” has many definitions. We provide a number of services that cover the most popular messaging methods:


Type of Service


Solution provided by


Email & Collaboration

Most ubiquitous method of corporate communication for internal and external use. Includes global address list for corporate directory and corporate calendar functions.  In application instant messaging and document sharing is also available. All access is via a web browser or IMAP client. Most modern smart phones are also supported.

Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE)


Zimbra Network Edition (NE)


Zentyal Development Edition (DE)

This community edition of Zentyal which is fully functional but can not be upgraded

to the commercial edition.  We recommend using Zentyal as as way to migrate

away from Exchange and/or Active Directory.  If you want or have to keep Outlook around this at least a cost (and headache) savings by running Zentyal servers.

Zimbra OSE: hosted virtualization fee

All functions provided by free version


Zimbra NE: hosted virtualization fee + Zimbra license

All functions provided by license.  Can upgrade from OSE.


Zentyal DE: hosted virtualization fee

All functions provided by license

Listserve (i.e. mailing list)

Useful for subscription based 1-way or 2-way communication that requires controls. Access is via web or email but in both cases an email address is required.


same as hosting fee


10 list maximum

5000 user maximum across all lists

Instant Messaging (IM)

Useful for mobile communications or when more timely communication is required. IM services tend to be more “social” but are becoming more prevalent in the corporate environment. Access is usually via dedicated client on a computer or mobile device.


same as hosting fee per domain


100 user maximum per domain

Bulletin Board (BB) or Blog

Useful for 1-way or 2-way communication but generally for 2-way since users are posting in order to receive feedback or comments. Access is via a web client or RSS client if the system supports it.

BB: phpBB3, jForum, Phorum


Blog: Wordpress, Serendipity, Joomla


DAO does not have an officially supported BB or Blog since these products are installed at the user level. Generally, you can choose what you want as long as the dependencies do not conflict with our core hosting platform.

same as hosting fee



Please contact us to discuss your messaging needs with one of our consultants.

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