"We used DAO Technologies to re-engineer the networking infrastructure for our High Performance Computing resources supporting insilico R&D efforts. The requirements in this space are unique and very different from a traditional IT server farm. Multiple high speed networks, complex topologies and the need to focus on low latencies made this job a demanding one. DAO technologies provided substantial networking expertise and helped to coordinate the entire project from initial design, through budgeting, hardware specification, installation and testing. The resulting network infrastructure is both fast and reliable but more importantly scalable in a way that has allowed us to rapidly grow our HPC platform inline with business requirements."  --Ross, Global Director, Pharma R&D.


"We use a DAO Technologies data protection appliance to backup and replicate our file server data and system image off site.  In April 2014, we had to evacuate our office due to a fire on the block.  In implementing our business continuity plan, DAO gave us access to our files via a web browser so we could work at a temporary location.  Without this ability we would have lost several days of productivity during a very busy time for us."  --Jeff, professional services consulting firm


"DAO setup up my corporate phone system and manages it.  I have several inbound numbers that route to different extentions or voicemail boxes and they were able to do an internet based solution that is professional and cost effective.  Whenever I have needed to add or make changes they have been able to take care of it quickly"  --Toosdhi, insurance firm


“We had a custom application running on a very old version of Windows on some very old hardware.  After hurricane Sandy, I became very concerned about protecting my client data and the application since company that created it was no longer going to support it.  It would have been cost prohibitive and disruptive to rewrite the application.  DAO was able to upgrade the server to a version of Windows that we now run virtually.  In addition, we store that server vm with DAO and replicate client data to give us complete protection from any critical failures.”  --Chris, gemology firm


“When our company needed an encrypted file transfer option to share large documents with our clients, DAO Technologies was able to create a customized and secure solution that allows for internal and external file sharing. The file share site is a link on our company webpage, provides for easy access, has manageable workflow controls, and is easy to ease. It is now the #1 go to option for file sharing with our clients.”  --Ken, Capital Project Consulting Firm


“DAO provided the plan for our data center migration and our strategy for disaster recovery. The initial project we contacted DAO for involved implementing a data encryption solution to ensure data compliance as part of ongoing healthcare reform mandates. DAO provided the optimal technical solutions for our data security concerns. They are without a doubt our go to source for technical infrastructure and data security expertise.” --CEO Healthcare analytics company


"DAO Technologies created an extremely practical, fast, and bulletproof method for refurbishing computers. Our organization donates refurbished computers to Philadelphia public schools (for students to access educational tools online). Manual updating used to take over an hour per computer and was prone to error. DAO turned this into a 3 minute process that is simple enough that we now enlist students to assist us. DAO's ingenuity and skill has made it possible for us to deliver on our mission and we could not be more impressed and grateful."

--Jan, PhillyKids.org  (also see Jan's blog entry on this solution at http://phillykids.org/pcfs-new-state-of-the-art-refurbishing-process/)

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